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Currently the benefits of molecular imaging using gamma emitting tracers, which allows physicians to see what is happening inside the body at the cellular and molecular level, are largely restricted to patients who can be referred to the Nuclear Medicine Department (NMD) of a hospital where the big, expensive, large field of view (LFOV) scanners are sited in dedicated rooms.

The HGC is a portable, small field of view (SFOV), hybrid gamma/optical camera specifically designed to make the benefits of molecular imaging usually only available in the hospital NMD accessible to patients, whether in the operating room, an intensive care unit, a physician’s office or even a remote village in a developing country.

A unique, patent protected feature of the HGC is co-registration of the gamma and optical images. This adds important clinical information regarding the precise anatomical location of the molecular imaging tracer in real time, enabling new applications of the imaging modality, for example in surgery.

With its combination of small footprint and portability, the HGC can also be a useful addition to the NMD of a hospital as it will be able to provide a cost-effective alternative for imaging small organs and structures (e.g. thyroid), thus freeing up the conventional LFOV cameras for more complex procedures and whole-body imaging.


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