IT Transformation at a leading charity

Inevitably information is becoming of strategic importance to charities just as it is in business. Like many charities our client found themselves ill placed to maximise their potential as they had spent little on infrastructure or invested little time on IT strategy, systems and processes. Our client had the typical hotch potch of systems, an ever increasing demand for IT service, an over stretched function who were struggling to keep up and a reputation that was plummeting. Key projects were failing and relationships between IT and the rest of the organisation were broken. Stress was everywhere - the CEO asked for help.

Utilising our specialist understanding of IT we worked with the CIO and his team on transforming the function. Improving IT leaders belief in their direction, their place in the organisation, and their capability, was central to raising their game. An unhealthy internal customer – supplier relationship with the rest of the organisation needed to shift to one of partnership, shared accountability, shared voice and mutual respect. We were able to catalyse improving these relationships, increasing transparency of performance and introducing language that senior leaders across the operation could relate to and understand.

Co-creating their own strategy raised levels of confidence and enthusiasm as the IT leadership group started to get control of their own destiny rather than being victims of circumstance. Projects were brought under control and expectations realigned as business disciplines were re-introduced that had been lost in the chaos.

The charity now has an exciting strategy for their data and information that can really transform their outcomes and an IT function performing and engaged to deliver it. At the recent IT review with the senior executive group the CEO commented – “this is the best discussion we have ever had around IT”.

Making Organisations More Effective

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