Engaging with Governments as Customers

Transforming public affairs ways of working

The increasing impact of Governments and payers on the pharmaceutical industry is redefining how companies and Government interact. Against this backdrop, a leading global pharmaceutical company identified the need to maximise the effectiveness of its interactions with Governments in preparation for the global launch of a commercially important new heart disease medicine.

Serac was able to help establish the same quality of engagement with Governments as delivered to other critical customers by establishing a fundamental shift in the mindset and behaviours within Government Affairs (GA) and related functions.

Our approach was to draw on our industry knowledge, as well as deep experience inside the company, to deliver a change which would resonate within GA, across the organisation and beyond.

With an initial group of 10 key strategic markets we generated insights into policymaker needs associated with heart disease. Using this knowledge we worked jointly with the markets to co-create a GA launch and policymaker engagement strategy which would form the basis for a new way of working with Governments across the organisation. We then partnered with these strategic markets to implement the new ways of working in their local launch environments.

Based on the response from the initial markets, we developed a GA brand planning process and launch toolkit to codify the key steps needed to successfully engage Governments ahead of product launch. A training and implementation partnering approach with local GA teams was then rolled out regionally and in key markets worldwide.

New ways of working have been embedded across the GA function, the policymaker perspective integrated into brand planning for the first time and an enhanced negotiating position with payers for product launch achieved in many countries.

Importantly, the co-creative nature of the project meant that GA teams had ownership of the new way of working and advocated the work throughout the company.

Making Organisations More Effective

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