Developing a compelling digital vision and strategy in pharmaceuticals

This leading pharmaceutical player had recognised that the digital revolution in healthcare might leave them behind – they needed to act but what direction should they take? SERAC supported a new leadership team to develop a global digital strategy that played to the unique strengths of the organisation and challenged them to step forward into the emerging future of healthcare.

The healthcare world is fast becoming more complex, blurred, interdependent and diverse. The emerging digital revolution of telemedicine, predictive diagnostics, wearable sensors and a host of new apps will transform how people manage their health as well as the way their healthcare is delivered. Current global players in the pharmaceutical industry are trying to find ways to navigate this rapidly changing digital landscape.

In such cases, our approach to developing a powerful, implementable strategy, is to bring together diverse views and breakthrough thinking about both current reality and future possibility.

In this case, we first engaged with a diverse group of about 70 leaders from across the company to help them explore a digital view of the US healthcare market. We used both immersive experiential and analytical learning approaches. This allowed the leaders to learn first-hand about the role digital already plays and could play in the future of healthcare. They also mined the knowledge of experts both within and outside the organisation. Through a co-creative process with the whole group a foundation for a new way forward was then developed.

Over the following months, we supported the leadership team to design and drive several integrated streams of work to further clarify the emerging vision and strategy. These included investigating breakthrough questions; prototyping new ideas; delivering quick wins; designing a new organisation and enabling key external collaborations.

As the strategy emerged board level stakeholders were involved directly in interventions allowing them to influence and guide. This led to a strategy that was developed through broad involvement within the company; a strategy that is more likely to be implemented. The journey continues as they begin to deploy the strategy in the organisation.

Making Organisations More Effective

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