Delivering new strategy by creating space for leaders

Transitioning from a medium sized family business to one owned by private equity, with a new CEO, is a challenging time for an organisation particularly when your industry is in a down cycle. Working alongside the CEO and leadership group SERAC supported the co-creation of a new strategy and development of a connected top team. This enabled them to obtain additional funding from external investors and set up a major strategic move for the company.

As he began his tenure, the new CEO needed to build a new strategy that would create the foundation for the future of the company. At the same time the challenge was to develop a well connected top leadership group and a functioning executive team that would be able to deliver the changes that were needed. In a small company on a limited budget without a strategy group or significant HR function this was a big ask.

By using our well proven techniques we were able to provide an effective and affordable way to accomplish these goals.

Working closely with the CEO and the new executive team we brought the top 20 leaders together for an incredibly intense few days to co-create the direction for the company, both strategically and culturally. By developing their relationships as a team they were able to work much more productively on the immediate business challenges and solutions. Many of these leaders had never met before and as well as providing key outputs this work created a new energy and impetus among the senior leaders.

The executive team was then, through short facilitated sessions, able to refine this into a clearly defined strategy for the company together with a compelling story and with clear priorities for the coming year. The senior leadership having been involved in the foundational discussions were then fully committed to the execution of the strategy and plan.

During a challenging period for the company this work enabled the CEO, Exec team and senior leadership to stand back from the day to day operations and develop a strategic direction and agenda. One of the key outcomes was for them to obtain additional funding from external investors and set up a major strategic move for the company.

Making Organisations More Effective

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