Defining strategy for a European wide charity

Many charitable organisations of course rely on part time involvement from busy stakeholders. Getting alignment and even creating the space for discussion, let alone change, is extremely difficult in such circumstances – this is magnified when the geographical challenges of Europe, the differing cultures, languages and agendas are added to the mix. We were able to help them redefine the strategy and direction for the charity in a way which re-energised and aligned the differing country organisations to enable better influence and raise the profile of the cause.

We used a simple short sharp diagnostic process of interviews and discussions to set the backdrop for a co-creative process that achieved a common view of what the charity was about and what its strategic agenda should be. The outcome was tight and energising. But the remarkable thing about this piece of work is that we got any outcome at all! Disperate groups with no compelling need to come together, other than a shared conviction to help those affected by this disease, was the starting point of the journey. We provided the catalyst energy for group members to see a greater possibility and to value their relationships with other country members.

The levels of creativity shown in this short process were truly inspiring and have helped raise the profile of the charity and hopefully improved the support that those effected by the disease will receive in the future.

Making Organisations More Effective

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