Building Change Leadership Capability


Our manufacturing client had a mixed track record of delivering IT solutions to its 80 plus manufacturing sites worldwide – sometimes the projects went in really smoothly and other times projects failed, sometimes spectacularly. They knew full well that their biggest challenge was change management and with a desire to implement a single ERP platform across their enterprise they needed help. They turned to Serac. With our focus on developing leaders capable of leading change they knew they had a partner that could deliver a sustainable approach. Starting with IT our approach soon expanded to provide a company wide methodology for leading change which is now used across many functions and geographies.

In this instance, we were able to draw on our extensive IT and HR leadership experience to form a suitable tailored approach to support large scale systems roll out. Key to success was to ensure that the ERP programme had senior leadership understanding and commitment – and that this alignment was constantly re-enforced during the lifetime of the transformation.

The power base in this organisation was very much at the individual site level, and having come from different parent companies, through acquisition, there was no commonality of process and no desire to have a common approach. Even so, the prize for standardisation and a common platform was compelling in terms of efficiency and customer service. We worked with senior manufacturing, supply, IT and commercial executives to form a shared vision and bridge silo agendas to build commitment to a strategic approach. We also focused on building internal change capability so that this common cause could be spread deep across the organisation. Leaders leading change – not consultants doing change, is very much our mantra.

The ERP platform is now well into its roll out and its success continues to build momentum. Our change leadership methodology is now a company standard with many internal leaders and change agents familiar with this way of working. This is working across different cultures, geographies and languages. We now offer this practical leading change approach as a masterclass for multiple clients to share and build their change leadership skills.

Making Organisations More Effective

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