Building and living the brand internally

Delivering a new promise to guests

A large international hotel group was faced with a huge strategic problem – its whole business was pointed at the wrong market segment. It needed to reposition itself in order to capture a wider and more youthful customer demographic. Central to delivery was redefining its customer service experience. The challenge therefore was to ensure that employees rapidly understood the importance of, and could deliver successfully on, this new promise to guests. Our role at Serac was to help define and articulate these new concepts in ways all employees could grasp and understand the vital role they played in delivering the essence of this new brand..

Initially the project team focused on developing brand values that translated into the daily activities of employees; simply stating what the brand actually stood for in practical terms so that it resonated with current and potential employees.

The key challenge was aligning all the organisation behind these brand concepts and generating passion and commitment to implement. Critical was the role of leadership, since leaders shape culture. Leaders had to advocate the brand values and understand how to role model new brand behaviours for staff to follow – providing a visible example of leaders acting differently and embracing their role in helping staff believe in the new brand and live it in their interactions with guests.

Ultimately it resulted in all 140 General Managers taking part in the programme, with 40,000 staff participating in 24 languages. As a result of this work the business outperformed the luxury market segment by 4% on a like for like basis.

Making Organisations More Effective

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