Building A Vibrant Culture

Building a vibrant culture is the difference that makes the difference for successful organisations. But businesses get the culture they deserve! As we all know leaders shape culture and shaping that culture starts at the top. In our view how a top team pays attention to shifting culture needs to be a primary business objective, it should not be left to chance.

In our 25 plus years of supporting leaders and organizations both transform themselves as well as move through mergers and integrations there are a few things that we have learnt many times over:

  • It may seem obvious but all organizations have a culture whether it is purposefully shaped or not – organizations where leaders are purposeful about shaping the culture are more likely to succeed
  • Sharing the leadership burden by getting a broader leadership group involved in shaping the future is the key to building a vibrant culture.
  • You can have the best strategy in the world but without the right culture nothing much will happen – in fact an oft used quote states that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”
  • Culture leaks out whether we like or not – the culture inside an organization is what customers see and feel on the outside

Unfortunately we see too many organisations where exhausted executives are chasing busy lives and short term objectives and who are often disconnected from a disillusioned workforce. Or where an executive team is bemoaning a layer of middle managers who simply don’t get it.

Clearly this is not the case for all organizations but as a transformation consultancy we specialise in helping senior teams align their leadership behind compelling strategies and establishing vibrant cultures across their organisations to deliver those strategies. We believe that organisations cannot be transformed by outside consultants but by leadership teams who understand how to make this happen and are committed to doing so. We help catalyse those teams into action.

Leadership, Strategy and Culture go hand in hand to drive the success of any business. If any of this has resonated with you we’d love the opportunity to come and discuss how our insights might be relevant to your organisation.

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