Case Studies

Simplifying Legal & Taxes in a complex world Case Study

The growing complexities of Legal and particularly Intellectual Property (IP) were driving up legal costs and risk for this global agribusiness. Their current processes and systems exposed the company to a number of potential risks such as loss of IP rights, issues with Freedom to Operate, contract compliance and data security leaving the client open to breach or litigation.

Partnering for change over the long term Case Study

Serac has been supporting one of the world’s leading Agribusinesses since its foundation, a collaboration lasting over 15 years.

Next generation partnership for innovation Case Study

A multi-national pharmaceutical company and a global leader in big data analytics were looking to develop a new collaboration in order to enhance their digital health innovation capabilities. SERAC catalysed the emerging relationship, helping the two companies form the foundation for a trusted partnership.

IT Transformation at a leading charity Case Study

Inevitably information is becoming of strategic importance to charities just as it is in business. Like many charities our client found themselves ill placed to maximise their potential as they had spent little on infrastructure or invested little time on IT strategy, systems and processes.

Helping leaders crack the general manager code Case Study

Becoming a General Manager (GM) within this leading multi-national FMCG had always been one of the most exciting of career moves, but also one of the most daunting. What is more, the General manger is ‘the critical role’ in ensuring business success. When the organisation moved to a new, regional way of working the shift in scope made the transition to the role even more challenging and the importance of getting it right more crucial.

Feet on the Ground, Head in the Sky Case Study

This leading chemicals player was finding itself being squeezed out. Top end 'research base Majors’ were steadfastly defending the high end market and lower cost Chinese and Indian based chemical producers were undercutting the traditional players. The company had lost its way after a series of demoralising restructurings and a strategy seemingly only based on reducing cost.

Engaging with Governments as Customers Case Study

The increasing impact of Governments and payers on the pharmaceutical industry is redefining how companies and Government interact. Against this backdrop, a leading global pharmaceutical company identified the need to maximise the effectiveness of its interactions with Governments in preparation for the global launch of a commercially important new heart disease medicine.

Developing and implementing leadership models that are practical yet inspiring Case Study

Building on their run of success this global company decided, after much debate, that it needed to raise the bar on it’s leadership in order to move to the next level of performance. Serac and its partner organisation were commissioned to develop a bespoke Leadership Framework that had the full commitment of the senior leadership group.

Defining Strategy for a European Wide Charity Case Study

Many charitable organisations of course rely on part time involvement from busy stakeholders. Getting alignment and even creating the space for discussion, let alone change, is extremely difficult in such circumstances – this is magnified when the geographical challenges of Europe, the differing cultures, languages and agendas are added to the mix.

Delivering New Strategy by Creating Space for Leaders

Transitioning from a medium sized family business to one owned by private equity, with a new CEO, is a challenging time for an organisation particularly when your industry is in a down cycle. Working alongside the CEO and leadership group SERAC supported the co-creation of a new strategy and development of a connected top team.

Co-Creating Strategy for Mid Sized Nutraceuticals Company Case Study

CEO transitions are tricky for any business. Serac brought an injection of new thinking and helped develop a sense of direction to bridge the organisation through into a new era with new leadership.

Building Change Leadership Capability Case Study

Our manufacturing client had a mixed track record of delivering IT solutions to its 80 plus manufacturing sites worldwide – sometimes the projects went in really smoothly and other times projects failed, sometimes spectacularly. They knew full well that their biggest challenge was change management and with a desire to implement a single ERP platform across their enterprise they needed help. They turned to Serac.

Building and Living the Brand Internally Case Study

A large international hotel group was faced with a huge strategic problem – its whole business was pointed at the wrong market segment. Central to delivery was redefining its customer service experience. The challenge therefore was to ensure that employees rapidly understood the importance of, and could deliver successfully on, this new promise to guests.

Developing a compelling digital vision and strategy in pharmaceuticals Case Study

This leading pharmaceutical player had recognised that the digital revolution in healthcare might leave them behind – they needed to act but what direction should they take?

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