For leaders to succeed in the dynamic, fast moving, uncertain and multifaceted world we live in requires new thinking and new leadership skills.

We very often work with leaders as trusted coaches and sounding boards to help them work through their biggest challenges and to allow them to see the world differently, opening up new pathways and possibilities. These relationships often grow out of the ongoing work we‘re doing but if what you’ve read here makes you think it’s worth a chat then please contact us at

Developing a Compelling Digital Vision and Strategy in Pharmaceuticals Case Study

This leading pharmaceutical player had recognised that the digital revolution in healthcare might leave them behind – they needed to act but what direction should they take?

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Pocket Guide to Mergers, Aquisitions and Integrations

We have just launched a summary to our Survivors Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions and Integrations released earlier this summer. This is a pocket version that headlines the key must do's when tackling the human complexities of bringing companies together.

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Transformation, Innovation & Change

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